Search on Twitter like a pro, use twitter filters

Search on Twitter like a pro , use twitter filters

Are you a fan of Twitter who uses Twitter search constantly, did you know that there are a bunch of smart tricks that you can use to speed up and facilitate the search process?

?Did You know that You Can Search on Twitter like a pro

Save your time and effort by learning a set of secret parameters that you can use to facilitate and improve the quality and speed of your search on twitter for certain tweets or people, places and more .


Twitter Tricks

Search tweets by sender

By adding From, as in the previous example, you can get only the tweets sent by a specific person, which is here ElonMusk



Exclude links from search

Search for tweets sent to ElonMusk and filter them from links, filter using a minus sign – then put what we want to remove.

to:ElonMusk -filter:links

Search tweets from certain group

Search for tweets from users belonging to a particular list on Twitter, here search for tweets about elections made by people from the list of The Times.


elections list:TIME/time-staff

Search tweets marked as favourite

Search for tweets containing videos from YouTube that have been set as favorites by at least 100 users min_faves:100


Search retweeted tweets

Find Tweets that have been retweeted at least 10 times

earthquake min_retweets:10

Search tweets in geographical range

Search for tweets containing the word “iPhone” sent by users within a 10-mile radius of New York City (use the NY short code here)


iPhone near:NY within:10mi

Seaech tweets if certain language

Find Tweets sent in a specific language (en = English, ar = Arabic, fr = French and so on)

#Foodrecipe lang:en


Search tweets by time sent

Search for tweets sent in a certain time range

iPhone Reviews since:2022-04-20 until:2022-06-20

Search tweets that have apecific words

Search for tweets containing YouTube videos that have been described as awesome or amazing


YouTube good OR amazing OR awesome filter:links

Search tweets that have images

Show tweets within a specific category but filtered so that only tweets containing images appear

#Ruoaa filter:images


Search tweets in news sites

Show only tweets with specific words and links to news sites

Ruoaa magazine filter:news

use multiple parameters in search

View tweets John made mentioning Peter without having been retweeted


from:john to:peter -RT

Make twitter search safe

Block Tweets that contain adult or potentially sensitive content

family games filter:safe


Search tweets with images or videos

Show only tweets with the word tornado that contain videos or photos

Mars filter:media

Search only native twitter videos

View only tweets with original videos (uploaded on Twitter)


Qatar Mondial filter:native_video

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